It has been one year since Pokemon Go reminded gamers they once had a dream to become the greatest Pokemon master ever. Not only did gamers get live that dream but we also saw some really hilarious memes.

This is a reflection on some of the best memes about Pokemon Go that you could find back in 2016.

1. The Fist Experience


When you first played Pokemon Go, it was nothing like you were promised and the game had more bugs than Brokenfield 4. But after a few weeks it won us over as we explored our world.

2. The Risk


Trespassing or going into a danger zone is not wise but its worth it if there was a Charizard. I’m sure so many of wandered into a hot zone just to catch a Pokemon.

3. Betrayal


That horrible day when you learned that your BFF decided to join Team Valor or (giggle) Team Instinct. Friendships were strained from that day on.

4. Uneasy Alliance


This was basically Team Valor and Team Mystic for a few months. This was before everyone agreed that Team Instinct jokes are awesome.

5. Team Instinct Jokes


The only thing uniting Team Valor and Team Mystic is a love of crapping on Team Instinct. Now if only Team Instinct could accept their place as a punchline.

6. “I’m An Adult”


When you need to tell the world you had a miserable childhood but don’t want to go Emo. Seriously everyone had that one friend who had to post this stupid meme and act like they were better than everyone.

7. “I’m An Insecure Adult”


When you need to tell the world how fragile your masculinity is but can’t afford a gun at the moment. Seriously everyone had that one super macho friend who had to post this stupid meme.

8. The Best Response to Haters


The best meme to respond to all the haters.

9. A New Trend


What do Vegans, Harvard grads and people who don’t play Pokemon Go have in common? They always like to remind you that they are either Vegan, went to Harvard or don’t play Pokemon Go.

10. Post-Election Results


Gary Johnson will always be remembered as the Team Instinct of Politics and the 2016 Election map proves it.

Was there a Pokemon Go meme that should have been on the list? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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