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OnFace Games has announced that their shooter game, RED*DOT: Frontline, has launched globally for the Android.

Following its successful limited release, RED*DOT: Frontline has launched for the Android on May 17. An iOs launch is also set for sometime in June (release window is subject to change). The Growth Support has also begun, allowing new players the chance to rank up faster.

In a press release that was made available, CEO of OnFace Games Yang Soo-yeol, has said,

“We have gained confidence in entering the global market through the free opening, and we will continue to add contents that users want in the global market. RED*DOT would become a game that can be loved for a long time in the future.”

Yang Soo-yeol
CEO of OnFace Games

RED*DOT: Frontline is a multiplayer shooter for the mobile device. Players are invited to battle it out in the games many maps and modes like Team Death Match, Bombing Mission, and Sniper.

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