Colossus Girl Entertainment LLC has announced that Powerhouse Comic Con has been deferred to late 2021.

Powerhouse Comic Con 2021 was set to take place on May 15th but now has been pushed back to later date during the year. Unlike most conventions that have been cancelled or pushed back, the decision was made because the Alameda Fairground is being used as a as a vaccine site. Event organizers felt it would be better to not disrupt the efforts to vaccine the community and instead will host the event on another day.

“We feel that the community comes first above all. Not just the convention community, but the entire community as a whole. We have been working with the Alameda Fairgrounds on this and we need to get the community healthy and protected before we can continue.”

Colossus Girl Entertainment LLC

No new date has been set but the aim is sometime between July and November. 2022 date. Pass holders will have their ticket rolled over to the next event. Vendors and Exhibitors could roll over to the next event or opt to appear at California Republic Comic Con in September.

The announcement comes after a number of conventions announced they are going all digital or pushed back to 2022. E3, San Diego Comic Con, Crunchyroll Expo and Anime Expo all announced an all digital event for 2021. Other conventions have made the choice to cancel their 2021.

Powerhouse Comic Con is a one day pop-culture fan convention. The event is hosted by Colossus Girl Entertainment LLC, the same team that organizes Campbell Con. You could check out our coverage of Campbell Con 2017 to have an idea of what to expect.

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