FanimeCon 2019 is happening next weekend and yet they still have plenty of announcements regarding their lineup. It has now been confirmed that Phoenix Ash along with Lex & the Con Artists will be the opening act for MusicFest 2019.

Phoenix Ash is the only American band that is signed on with Plug Records label in Japan. The group was established in San Francisco in 2005 by Sean Chen, Cameron Brochier, and Aaron Kelley.

If you want to catch Phoenix Ash before MusicFest 2019, they will be performing during BAR Con and MAGWest Presents: Fire & Lightning on Friday May 24th at the Back Bar SoFa.

LEX & The Con Artists are a nerdcore hip-hop group that was established at UC Berkeley and is currently based in Oakland. They have performed at major events like MAGWest, MAGFest and SXSW.

Phoenix Ash along with Lex & the Con Artists will be the opening act while The Beat Garden will be the main show.

They will be joining acclaimed animator Toshihiro Kawamoto, Chris Patton from Full Metal Alchemist, Jad Saxton from Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, YouTube star D-Piddy, historian Gilles Poitras, cosplayer VampyBitMe, voice actress Aya Hirano, the cosplaying duo Aicosu, Jirard Khalil from The Completionist, voice actor Nobutoshi Canna along with Alex Faciane and Kellie Whisler from The Dex!.

FanimeCon 2019 will be from May 24th until May 27th at the San Jose Convention Center along with the surrounding locations. Tickets are now available for purchase and information about the panels, special guests along with the events have been posted.

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