Gamers who are excited about CRYMACHINA will be delighted to know that a new trailer has dropped. The trailer introduces players to the game’s soundtrack by providing a sample of what to expect. 

CRYMACHINA – Soundtrack Sampler is a compilation of several songs that highlight the games overall soundtrack. Music featured ranges from pulse-pounding to hauntingly beautiful, performed by Hikaru Tono and Sakuzyo. The trailer also showcases some of the artwork that will define the game. 

To have an idea of the overall soundtrack, check out the trailer:

CRYMACHINA is now available for pre-order. Details about the Deluxe Edition and Standard Edition have been unveiled. The Deluxe Edition will include the base game along with a mini-artbook, a digital soundtrack, and a reverse cover. It should be noted that the Deluxe Edition is only available for the console version. 

More details about CRYMACHINA will be announced in the future. 

CRYMACHINA is set to launch for the PlayStation consoles, PC and Nintendo Switch. No launch date has been set but it’s currently set for a Fall 2023 window. 

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