After a two year absence, Nintendo has officially announced the return of the Nintendo World Championships.

Starting on August 19th, select Best Buy stores around the country will host qualifying rounds for the Nintendo World Championships. Winners of these rounds will then have a chance to participate in the main tournament that will be held on October 8th in New York.

The age bracket will be divided between those who are 12 and younger and players who are 13 and older. Players will compete in a time trial of Mario Kart 7 for the Nintendo 3DS with two chances to earn the best time.

Bay Area gamers will be in luck as the Best Buy in San Jose will be hosting qualifying rounds on August 19 and August 20th. FYI – this is the Best Buy located on 181 Curtner Ave.

Nintendo World Championships is an video game competition series that is organized by Nintendo. The first one was held in 1990 and its best known for the NES cartridges that were offered to participants, which are now considered the most desired gaming memorabilia.

Note: 8Bit/Digi will not be able to attend the main event in October but we will cover the qualifying round on August 19th and 20th.


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