The Netflix premier of Neon Genesis Evangelion has already began to generate controversy among old school fans because of several changes.

The most notable changes are the removal of the outro ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ by Frank Sinatra and straightwashing the relationship between Shinji and Kaworu. Since 8:30am PST, #Shinji and #Evangelion have been trending due to fan backlash over these changes.

Heavily editing the relationship between Shinji and Kaworu (from lovers to platonic) has caused the greatest backlash. Here are some of the reactions to this edit:

In the original; Kaworu proclaims his love to Shinji and the two develop a relationship. Fans have noted the significance of this relationship as Shinji has never experienced any kind of emotional connection (let alone being told someone loves him). As a result of the straightwashing, many have noted that this moment has lost its significance.

In regards to the outro, it has been speculated that Netflix could not acquire the rights to the song in all regions. According to The Wrap, acquiring the rights became an issue for Netflix due to how it was priced based on region. Other controversial changes include the removal of most profane language

Neon Genesis Evangelion is hailed as one of the greatest anime’s for its complex themes along with the realistic depiction of depression and PTSD. Set 15 years after cataclysm attack, the series follows Shinji as he is recruited by his father to pilot an Evangelion into combat against alien creatures dubbed Angels.

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  1. Netflix you only had to do 1 thing and that was not fuck it up. Instead you fucked up in worst way possible by straightwashing Evangelion and releasing it during Pride a Month!

  2. Never trust a company that is only an LGBT ally during Pride Month. Most time they are snakes who will stab you in the back with shit like a straightwashed EVA.

  3. Everyone needs to chill, that moment could mean so many different things and still have the same impact. It might not be straightwashing but a suppression of emotions.

  4. Worst than Jack eating at Chick Fil-A during Pride Month is Netflix releasing a straightwashed Neon Genesis Evangelion during Pride Month.

  5. People are over reacting to this over nothing, Netflix was trying to get the translation right which ADV was total garbage.

    So enough of this straightwashing crap!

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