Looks looks like the Marvel purge at Netflix continues as Daredevil (one of the best shows in the MCU) has been axed.

Iron Fist (good riddance) was asking for the axe and doing the same to Luke Cage was unnecessary, but Daredevil has taken everyone by surprise. Especially since the series has been very popular while Season 3 was highly praised by critics and fans. It’s hard to say if Disney will pick up the series for their new streaming platform or will the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen might get his own movie.

Given the current trend, The Punisher and Jessica Jones could also get the axe after the premier of their next season. At this point it’s clear the future of Marvel on Netflix now that Disney wants to move everything on to their new platform.

For now, fans could still enjoy Season 3 of Daredevil on Netflix along with the other shows in the MCU.

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