Gamers who are looking to upgrade their gear this year will be excited to learn that Nacon has them covered. They have announced the RIG 300 PRO HC Gaming Headset, RIG 800 PRO HX Gaming Headset, and the Xbox Revolution X Pro Controller.

RIG 300 PRO HC Gaming Headset is an ideal universal headset that is compatible with the Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. It features high-performance 40mm drivers that provide detailed audio and are combined with acoustic safety technology. The boom mic is flexible, allowing clear communication and easy travel.

RIG 800 PRO HX Gaming Headset is the flagship of the RIG line. It uses advanced 2.4GHz wireless technology to provide a lag-free connection which will work from a staggering distance of 33 feet away and the battery provides a full 24 hours of use. The 40mm drivers use low-frequency separators to ensure that the audio is funneled to the user’s ear. It’s currently coming to the PlayStation and Xbox with the PC model arriving later. 

Xbox Revolution X Pro Controller is a tournament grade pad built for performance. It’s engineered with customization options to make it fit the user’s play style. This is made possible with the interchangeable thumbsticks (designed by Alps) which uses a removable weight compartment engineered to adjust the weight. The controller features two separate control chips with one used to drive the audio.

The RIG 300 PRO HC Gaming Headset, RIG 800 PRO HX Gaming Headset, and the Xbox Revolution X Pro Controller will be available sometime in Fall 2022. 

Nacon is a video game publisher along with a developer of video game gears and accessories. It also has several in-house studios spread out across Europe, Australia, and North America. 

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