In a special treat for Gundam fans, Colossus Girl Entertainment LLC has announced that Mark Oliver will be among the guests at California Republic Comic Con 2022. This is one of the few appearances he has made at a fan convention. 

Mark Oliver is a voice actor with a rich history in the entertainment industry. Gundam fans will recognize him from his role as Nimbus Schterzen in Mobile Suit Gundam: Encounters in Space and Rau Le Creuset in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED. He also provided the voice of numerous side and additional characters in Mobile Suit Gundam Wing. His other notable roles include Mechanikat in Krypto the Superdog, Him in Powerpuff Girls Z, and Mapple in Coach Me If You Can.

Outside of voice acting, he is best known for directing the documentary film Elvis: Strung Out.

He will be joining Nancy Anne Ridder from Scream, and singer Stephen Costantino. Also on the guest list is artist Tobe Daranouvong along with pro-wrestlers Patricia Summerland and Nadine Higgins. More guests will be announced in the future. 

California Republic Comic Con is a pop-culture convention that will take place on September 25th. It will be hosted at the El Dorado County Fairgrounds. The event is hosted by Colossus Girl Entertainment LLC, which hosts numerous conventions in Northern California and Nevada. 

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