Good news for fans of the Momodora series, DANGEN Entertainment and Bombservice have announced the launch date for the console version of Minoria.

Minoria will launch for all major consoles (PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch) on September 10th. Be aware that the date is subject to change, especially with the on going pandemic. At the moment, it’s unknown if the console version will have any extra content compared to the PC version.

Check out the trailer above to learn more about the game.

The original game was released on PC back in 2019 and was highly praised by critics along with fans. Set during the fourth Witch War, players take on the role of Sister Semilla must battle the forces of evil.

Minoria is a spiritual successor to the Momodora. Both indie games are Metroidvania style RPG’s known for their intense combat and rich story. They are also known for their artistic style and rich level design.

We will update you with more information about the game when it becomes available. This includes changes to the console launch date for Minoria.

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