Fans of classic science fiction or the game S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl will be excited to learn that the McEvoy Foundation for the Arts will be hosting a special screening of the original film.

Based on the novel Roadside Picnic, STALKER was directed by Andrei Tarkovsky and was his last one before he left the Soviet Union. The film follows the Stalker as he leads a scientist and a writer through the Zone as they attempt to find “The Room” (which has the ability to grant a wish to anyone who enters). The film has been praised as one of the best science fiction films of the era and from the USSR.

The McEvoy Foundation for the Arts will screen a digital restoration of the film on January 9th  with the event starting at 7pm. It’s unknown at moment if their will be any Q&A sessions or mixer after the film. Tickets are on sale now and guests are expected to arrive early due to limited parking.

The McEvoy Foundation for the Arts is an art museum and program that works to engage and challenge themes presented in the McEvoy Family Collection. They work to offer opportunists to artists, writers, and performers to contribute artistic exhibitions.

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