After days of rumors and speculation, EA announces on N7 Day that Mass Effect Legendary Edition is in the works with a 2021 target release.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition will be a remaster of the original trilogy for all current and Next-Gen consoles along with the PC. Fans will once again take on the role of Commander Shepard in a quest to save the galaxy. The remaster will include the base games along with all the DLC’s and promotional gear for all three games. Check out the announcement trailer for more details.

In a blog post that made the announcement, Bioware General Manager Casey Hudson (who was the Project Manager of the original trilogy) stated,

For me personally, Mass Effect represents years of work and countless special memories, so every year I feel incredibly fortunate to celebrate N7 Day with players around the world. Thank you so much for supporting us over the years. I can’t wait to continue our adventure together – revisiting our favorite memories in the Mass Effect universe, and creating brand new ones!

Casey Hudson
Project Director on Mass Effect

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is set to launch sometime in Spring 2021. However the release window is subject to change. More information about the collection will be made available in the future.

The Mass Effect trilogy is a science fiction themed RPG that follows the journey of Commander Shepard as he fights to save the galaxy from the Reapers. The trilogy has been highly praised by fans and critics, with Mass Effect 2 being hailed as one of the best RPG’s.

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