ces2020 mad catz EGO

Mad Catz has announced that they have begun shipping the EGO Arcade FightStick and it should hit stores soon.

EGO Arcade FightStick has an 8 button (with turbo mode switch) layout along with a ball-top stick. A key lock function is also included to prevent accidental button presses. It’s compatible with the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. It has been engineered for the devoted fighting gamer and EVO participants in mind.

Even though it’s shipping now, the release date is unclear at the moment. This is due to different launch dates based on the region along with the disruption caused by the pandemic.

To learn more about the EGO Arcade FightStick and other Mad Catz products, check out our hands on coverage during CES 2020. I got to try it out the during a game of Dead or Alive 6 for the Xbox One.

Mad Catz is an industry leader when it came to creating gaming gear and accessories. They are known for engineering some of the most respected gaming accessories among the eSport crowd.

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