It should have been obvious that the Final Fantasy VII remake would be a hit and now the 5 million in sales proves it.

Square Enix has confirmed that the game was a hit with over five million copies sold worldwide. This number accounts for both physical and digital sales of Final Fantasy VII remake. This success is also a milestone as the game has become the highest-selling digital release in the publishers history.

This announcement comes just as the game is available for sale on the PlayStation Store (34% off).

Final Fantasy VII remake was released for the PlayStation 4 back in April and was highly praised by fans along with critics. It was a complete rebuild of the JRPG classic with new gameplay elements and a rebuild of the world.

The original was released back in 1997 and has been praised as one of the best JRPG’s along with a staple for the PlayStation.

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  1. Just finished the Remake, absurdly in love with the game (and with Aerith). It will be painfull year and a half, at least the Reunion should ease the wait. Something very important to keep in mind: after sephiroth’s mind break he refers to himself with the word “watashi.” before his mind break he referred to himself with the word “ore.” at the end of Final Fantasy 7 remake, he was using “ore” to refer to himself so this might be a completely different sephiroth than the one we remember, as in maybe he has reverted somewhat to his older personality or regained some of himself.

  2. I love the animation. FFXIV is my favorite MMO ever. I really wish I had the time to keep up with it, hopefully I can get back into it with this. I’m so exited for the expansion! It’s a bit sad that the PS3 is going to be dropped but still, after playing A Realm Reborn and Heavensward, I’m really optimistic about it because I never had so much fun playing a game since FF XIV. I’m really glad that this game is what got me into the FF franchise ^^

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