In a partnership with the Bay Area Pinball Association, LvL Up Campbell will host a launch party for the pinball game of The Mandalorian.

Stern Launch Party – The Mandalorian – Campbell will take place on September 12th and it will be to celebrate the launch of the new pinball with a tournament. The match will be based on IFPA rules and limited to only the first 36 players who register. The event will begin with the Group Match followed by the Qualifying Rounds before going on to the Semifinals Round and Final Round.

Registration for the tournament is $10 and it will open on September 5th (with $1 of each entry going to the Bay Area Pinball Association). The reaming of the fee will be put into a prize pool and shared among the winners. The wining share and ranks are as followed:

8th to 5th Place: 10%
4th Place: 5%
3rd: 10%
2nd: 25%
1st: 45% along with a Trophy

Those who participate must also be respectful of the machines and others. Anyone who uses abusive language or is violent will be disqualified and will have to leave. Players who abuse the machines will receive a warning and will be disqualified if they repeat the offense.

LvL Up in Campbell is an arcade and bar that is known for being the heart of the video game community in the South Bay. It is known to host gaming events and arcade competitions. The location is also the home of AFKxp and The Retro Fix (a retro game vendor) located on the second floor.

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