Following the sale of several of his classic games, John Romero is once again selling several games from his personal collection. The games that are available for sale are UnrealF-16 Fighting FalconHIND & Apache Longbow (Twin Pack), Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear, and Half-Life: Opposing Force.

Unlike the previous auction, Romero did not work on any of the games that are being sold.

Unreal is the iconic shooter that was built on the engine of the same name while also launching the careers of Cliff Bleszinski and Tim Sweeney. F-16 Fighting Falcon along with HIND & Apache Longbow (Twin Pack) are flight simulators that were released in the late 90’s.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear was the second game in the series and had been praised as one of the best tactical shooter. Half-Life: Opposing Force was the expansion for Half-Life and has players take on the role of a Marine deployed to Black Mesa.

The announcements for the sales were made on Twitter in the following posts:

As of time of writing (2:00pm on July 1st) – 0 bids have been made for F-16 Fighting Falcon and HIND & Apache Longbow (Twin Pack) while a $10.00 bid has been made for Rogue Spear and a $20.50 bid has been placed for Unreal. Opposing Force has been the most popular item as 13 bids have been placed with the highest being $57.00.

John Romero is a pioneer in the gaming world having co-founded id Software in the 90’s alongside John Carmack and Tom Hall. His gaming credits include work on Wolfenstein 3DDoom and Quake just to name a few while also coining the multiplayer term “deathmatch”.

In 2015; he established Romero Games Ltd., an independent game studio located in Galway, Ireland. Their first title, Gunman Taco Truck was released in January 2017 and it was highly praised by critics along with gamers.

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