To celebrate the release of Poison Ivy #3, Sour Cherry Comics will be hosting a release party with Jessica Fong. This is a great opportunity for fans to mingle and meat the creative mind behind the cover art. 

Signing & Release Party for Poison Ivy #3 with main cover artist Jessica Fong will take place at Sour Cherry Comics on August 5th starting at 6:30 pm. Tickets for the event are now available, general admission is free or a $10.75 (which includes a free print from Fong) donation to Black & Pink. Guest also have the option of donating more if they wish to do so. 

Jessica Fong is an illustrator, comic artist, and indie game developer. They are the co-founder of Lonely Egg Studio, best known for the game In the Keeper’s Shadow. As a comic artist, they are best known for the covers of the new Poison Ivy series from DC. #1 and #2 are out now while #3 is set to release on August 3rd. 

Sour Cherry is a lesbian-owned comics book store and workspace based in San Francisco. They are known for selling unique comics / graphic novels and other works. They also provide a creative space for comic writers and artists of different backgrounds. Fans are invited to check out their merchandise and attend the many events they host.

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