(Update as of 6/15/2019) SacAnime has announced that more rooms have been added to the hotel block.

The SacAnime team has announced that the Hilton has been fully booked for the Winter 2020 event.

Hotel registration for the Hilton Arden West were opened on June 5th and were fully booked by June 11. The SacAnime team is currently working to get more rooms available while looking for other hotels to strike a deal with.

SacAnime addressed the issue with the following message:

“The Hilton is currently sold out of several nights for our room block. We are looking at adding more rooms and/or another hotel. More info coming soon.”

The lack of hotel options have been made even more difficult as SacAnime Winter 2020 is going to be the first one not hosted at the Sacramento Convention Center since the 2013 event. Due to renovations at the convention center, all 2020 events will take place at Cal Expo.

SacAnime is expected to return home to the Sacramento Convention Center in Winter 2021.

SacAnime Winter 2020 will take place on January 3rd to the 5th but no other information has been given. Guests along with events and activities will be announced in the future.

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