The concept of an MMORPG Fallout experience is something that Bethesda has wanted to do for a long time. Fallout 76 was suppose to be their first attempt but it failed due to a lot of issues that were obvious (like the lack of a real story and human NPC’s).

Despite its problems, I didn’t want Bethesda to give up on this idea. Instead I was optimistic that they would learn from the mistakes of Fallout 76 and implement them in the next installment. So when Todd Howard apologized about the games current state, I had high hopes. Then when it was announced that NPC’s will be added, they got my attention.

Truth be told, I was expecting them to make a new Fallout game with an MMORPG option (like Grand Theft Auto V / Online). Adding NPC with a massive update is still welcoming but also very risky.

I say risky because the addition of NPC’s isn’t going to fix everything, especially given how buggy the game is. If anything, it might add more problems to the overall performance function of the game.

If the worst case scenario could be avoided, then there is a good chance I might actually give Fallout 76 a second chance. The absence of NPC’s was the biggest factor in why I had no interest in the game as the world would be totally empty. My concerns were proven true when I did play the game at a friends house (who quickly regretted his purchase).

If Bethesda is able to successfully add NPC’s to the world of Fallout 76, it will completely change the dynamics of the game. The presence of NPC with dialogue and purpose will fix a good number of the games issues while adding life to the game. It could also convince long time fans of the series (who passed on it) to give the game a chance.

Now I’m confident that Bethesda will do right by its fans but I’m still going to be on the fence about Fallout 76 until I see the end results. This approach is very risky but I also don’t want this idea to be abandoned as it has plenty of potential.

Even though we are not at E3 2019 but will be sharing some of the best announcements along with sharing our thoughts during the week.

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