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The PUBG Global Championship saw 16 teams from around the world conjure at the Oracle Arena in Oakland for the chance to walk away with $1,000,000 and the honor of being the best in the world.

This championship has been an accumulation of a year long effort by the PUBG Corporation and each of the teams. Each team had participated in a regional tournament and now have gathered at the Oracle Arena for the championship. If you’re unfamiliar with PUBG, check out our review of both the PC and mobile version of the game.

Photo courtesy of fortyseven communications.

The Competitors

The following teams would go head to head for the championship:

  • Lazarus (North America)
  • QM Gaming (China)
  • Four Angry Men (China)
  • TSM (Europe)
  • Global Esports Xsett (Chinese Taipei)
  • VC Gaming (China)
  • WClick (Latin America)
  • Gen.G (Korea)
  • Tempo Storm (North America)
  • OGN Entus Force (Korea)
  • OGN Entus ACE (Korea)
  • Natus Vincere (Europe)
  • Genesis (North America)
  • The Rumblers (North America)
  • SK Telecom T1 (Korea)
  • FaZe Clan (Europe)
Photo courtesy of fortyseven communications.

The Opening Ceremony

The event kicked off around 5:00pm (PST) with an opening ceremony that featured a performance by Ryan Edger. Following the performance, all 16 teams took the center stage while being greeted by thunderous applause from the audience. Theses teams have had to overcome so much to be the best of the best and now they were competing in the same arena once called home by the Golden State Warriors.

Photo courtesy of fortyseven communications.

The Tournament

16 teams would go head to head during 12 matches (split between two days). The winner of the PUBG Championship will be determined by which ever team could rack up the most points (determined by victories and kills)

Day 1 kicked off with GenG. setting itself up as the anticipated victor by winning the first two matches (both set on Erangel). However they did not keep up the winning streak as TSM won the third match of the night while OGN Entus ACE won the fourth match. The final victory of the night was fought on Miramar and it went to FaZe Clan.

The final score of the night was GenG. taking the lead with 56 points but Four Angry Men were close to catching up with 51 points. Coming in third was OGN Entus ACE with 50 points followed by OGN Entus Force with 46 points and FaZe Clan with 45 points.

Day 2 was when the real excitement began as there was no clear victor in sight as it was a tug of war between GenG., Four Angry Men and FaZe Clan. The tournament started with FaZe clan winning the first match while GenG. took second place followed by VC Gaming. Match 3 was the biggest surprise of the night as Four Angry Men won their first match of the event, giving them a major boost in the rankings. GenG. performance was also a major surprise due to their rank despite not winning s single match during the day. Natus Vincere stepped up their performance by winning two matches, including the final one.

Photo courtesy of fortyseven communications.

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

After a brutal two days that saw the best PUBG players in the world battle it out, GenG. walked away as the winner. Despite not winning a single match on Day 2, their early victories on Day 1 along with their high kill count secured their place as the champion. Four Angry Men fought as hard as they could and for their effort they came in Second Place while FaZa clan took the Third Place spot.

Disclaimer: PUBG Corporation provided press passes for the event, via FortySeven Communications.

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  1. Watching that shit in Korean was so much more exciting than in English. The English corespondents were basic AF while the Korean guys were more intense (and I don’t speak Korean).

  2. One of the best coverage of the PUBG Championship. I like how you guys are more focused on the game and what is happening on the ground instead of trying to start drama or push a political agenda. Sad the same can’t be said about Kotaku or Polygon as there coverage sucked because they only focused on shoehorning SJW crap and nagging about the lack of tranny’s. Richard Lewis was right!

  3. I hope they have the next PUBG Championship at the Chase Center or Levi Stadium because the Oracle Arena is such a dump. No wonder the Warriors moved to SF, the arena is a joke and the security is ghetto AF. Also I would like not to be worried about things like car break ins and getting mugged

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