After months of waiting and anticipation, Sunrise Studio has announced the premiere window of Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury.

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury is set to premiere sometime in October 2022. At the moment no exact date has been given or which streaming services it will premier on. A new trailer has also been released that showcases some of the characters and the mechs featured in the series. 

You could check out the trailer here: 

At the moment, “The Prologue” episode has already made its debut at San Diego Comic-Con 2022. However, there is no word about when it will make its premiere on GundamInfo.

The Witch From Mercury is the first Gundam series in almost seven years, with Iron-Blooded Orphans being the last one released in 2015. Set in the Ad Stella (A.S.) universe, the story follows Suletta Mercury and her journey through a galaxy in turmoil. 

Gundam is a media franchise that follows an interstellar conflict involving mobile suits. The franchise includes the main series followed by numerous spin-offs along with video games and models (dubbed Gunpla). 

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