In honor of MAR10 Day, GrandPooBear has announced that he will be hosting a special speedrun event at the Guildhouse.

In an event organized by Red Bull; GrandPooBear along with a group of special guests will have a speed run session of four iconic Mario games. The guest line-up along with the Mario games will be announced in the coming days. The event is free and those who want to attend could register online.

GrandPooBear made the announcement with the following Tweet:

GrandPooBear (real name David Hunt) is a professional streamer, speedrunner, and a Red Bull athlete. He specializes in Mario games. He has participated in numerous events and charities while also hosting his own events. Besides speedrunning, he has also created numerous Super Mario levels through Kaizo and Super Mario Maker.

Guildhouse is a video game and tabletop lounge located on South First Street of Downtown San Jose. Established by the co-founders of AFK, it offers guests an environment to enjoy their favorite games over food and drinks.

Mar10 Day is an annual celebration of the iconic Nintendo franchise on March 10th (since Mar 10 looks like Mario). The day is spent either speed running a title form the series or other Mario themed events.

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