Big news for mecha fans, Forever Entertainment has announced the new launch date for their highly anticipated remake of Front Mission 2

Front Mission 2: Remake is set to launch for the Nintendo Switch on October 5th. Also, check out the FRONT MISSION 2: Remake || Date Announcement Trailer to get an idea about the game: 

Front Mission 2: Remake dtakes place during the events of the Second Alordesh Coup. Set 12 years after the event of the first game, the People’s Republic of Alordesh wants to break away from the Oceania Cooperative Union (OCU). When a second coup is launched by elements of the military, OCU forces are deployed to restore order. 

Among the remake score components are improving the customization of your wanzer, free camera adjustments, and updated combat. Other features include localization in nine languages and restoring the original soundtrack.

Front Mission is a turn-based mecha JRPG that often follows conflicts between regional unions and economic blocs. The series is known for its rich storytelling along with its RPG gameplay. Players take command of a squad of wanzers (“walking tanks”) who they must command in battle. 

The first two games were only released in Japan while Front Mission 3 was the first title to see a global launch. To have an idea about the series, check out our review of the PC version of Front Mission: 1st

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