Previewing the World of Frontier Hunter

Frontier Hunter: Erza’s Wheel of Fortune is one of those games that will get your attention with its visual design and familiar gameplay. While it hits all the right marks from the start but it has so much more to offer. From its story to world building and overall gameplay, this is one of those Early Access titles that is on the right track. 

Since the game is in Early Access, it’s only fitting to give my first impressions of Frontier Hunter: Erza’s Wheel of Fortune. While this should not be treated as a review, I hope it answers any questions someone has about the current state of the game. I do plan on publishing a review once the game leaves Early Access. 

An Introduction to Frontier Hunter

Frontier Hunter: Erza’s Wheel of Fortune is a follow-up to Tower Hunter: Erza’s Trial (released back in 2019). Players will once again take on the role of Erza who has risen to become one of the best hunters in the Empire. Now she has been tasked to lead an expedition to an unexplored region. Unfortunately; the expedition gets into trouble which results in the airship having to crash land.

With little in the way of knowledge and resources, Erza (with the support of Ciara) must explore this strange world. They will battle strange creatures and map out the world while uncovering its many secrets. 

Playthrough of Frontier Hunter

This preview of Frontier Hunter: Erza’s Wheel of Fortune is based on playing the game for two hours. I wanted to get a good idea of the gameplay, its world, and the current state of its build. 

Starting in the airship, players will first undergo a tutorial stage that will introduce them to all the gameplay mechanics. Once that is over with, the real fun begins. Taking on the role of either Erza and Ciara, players will have to save the crew and battle the Silent Moon Wolf (the first boss of the game). Once in this new world, they will explore the world by mapping it out and collecting the needed resources. At the same time, they will battle and log the many hostile creatures of this world.  

From a gameplay perspective, Frontier Hunter is easy to learn and get into (regardless of how familiar one is with the genre). It’s a classic Metroidvania with standard RPG elements. Players traverse the world, fight monsters, level up, and get new gear as they progress. Gear can be found in the wild while some resources can be purchased at the camp. 

Players will have the choice to play as either Erza or Ciara. The choice will be based on the player’s preferred style of combat along with what is needed at the moment. Those who prefer a hack’n slash style of combat will enjoy playing as Erza. Players leaning towards run and gun will want to use Ciara. However; I would recommend taking your time with each of them as they are both fun. 

Finally; I have to commend the game for its anime-style visual design. The game really knows how to use its anime design as it sets the overall tone of the experience.

Final Thoughts on Frontier Hunter

According to the game’s Steam page, fans could expect Frontier Hunter: Erza’s Wheel of Fortune to leave Early Access sometime in the next 12 months. Given its current state, that is very likely at best and maybe an early 2024 release at worst. The game still needs to be polished and some issues worked out but overall it’s looking solid. 

Gamers who enjoy Metroidvania style experiences that also mix elements of fantasy with science fiction will enjoy Frontier Hunter. This will be one title that I can’t wait to see fully launched. 

Disclaimer: Evolve PR provided the game used in this preview. 

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation I picked it up on Steam and it’s as good as you say it is. Is Tower Hunter: Erza’s Trial also good?

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