It has been a long wait but the first batch of guests for California Republic Comic Con 2019 have been announced. It has been confirmed that Atom Bomb Body , Kira Buckland, Chris Marrinanis, and Arlena Fae.

Atom Bomb Body is a professional cosplayer and streamer who is best known as the face of Colossus Girl Entertainment by taking on the role of the communities mascot.

Kira Buckland is a voice actress who is best known for her role as 2B in NieR: Automata. Her other major video game roles include Bloody Marie in Skullgirls and Trucy Write in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney − Spirit of Justice. Outside of the gaming; she is known for her role as Eri Shinkai in Aika R-16: Virgin Mission, Kanae Sumida in 5 Centimeters Per Second, and Izumo Kamiki in Blue Exorcist.

Chris Marrinanis is a comic artist who has worked with several of the biggest names in the industry. He has worked on classics like Wonder Woman while also being the creator of HeadHunters and Ms. Fortune

Arlena Fae is a professional cosplayer who has appeared at numerous conventions and cosplay events.

California Republic Comic Con 2019 will take place on September 14 at the Merced County Fairground. Hosted by Colossus Girl Entertainment LLC, this pop-culture convention brings together comic artists, cosplayers, and industry icons for a day of fun.

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