YumeConUSA has unveiled the first batch of guests who are set to perform at their 2017 event. The guest list includes Ti@Mi, Ken Redgrave and Smooth Like Butters.

Ti@Mi are the singing duo of Tiffany and Ami who are well known for performing to popular J-Pop along with anime theme songs. They are based in the Bay Area and can be seen performing at many anime conventions.

Ken Redgrave is a dance performer and host of the YouTube channel, DoomsDevil Productions.

Smooth Like Butters is a singer and dancer who could be seen performing at anime conventions in the Bay Area. She has won multiple awards for her performance, especially at the J-POP Summit.

YumeConUSA is an annual anime convention that is hosted by the Foothill Anime Club. The 2017 event will be held on November 4th at Foothill College and tickets are now available for purchase. More guests will be announced in the days leading up to the event.


  1. I’m curious to know why a blog that has covered FanimeCon, SVCC and planning to go to CRX is also talking about some half-ass nothing Con at some school? There are already too many Cons in the Bay Area and we are not some nothing region that needs these half-ass events that invite some power ranger who needs beer money! Just my thought

    • One thing I have always loved about this blog is that no Fan Event has been beneth them, they have reported on small events like Kin-Yoobi and Campbell Con along with big events like FanimeCon. It helps to known that FanimeCon started as a small community event at a school before becoming the 5th largest anime Con in North America.

      So please knock off that snob tone.

      • Sorry not sorry but these cons are super lame and not worth anyone’s time unless they really can’t afford to go to a real con. $12 is not worth the price of seeing some loser whose only achievement was being on Power Rangers!

  2. Here is my two cents, who the fuck cares about some community college geting a bunch of half ass bands with only 10 facebook followers to come to their little fake con in the middle of nowhere?

  3. Wow what is with all the hate, some fans are trying to set up their own con for everyone and the only thanks they are getting is a bunch of hate. How sad! I wish the Anime Club the bes and don’t let the haters win.

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