With a week before the start of Silicon Valley Comic Con 2017, they have unveiled several new events along with the final batch of guests and released the schedule of all panels for the weekend.

The final batch of confirmed guests are Nichelle Nichols, Adam West, Burt Ward, Chase Masterson, Sam Jones, Gigi Edgley and Jeryl Prescott. 

Nichelle Nichols is a television pioneer along with a Civil Rights icon who is well known for her role as Lt. Nyota Uhura in the original Star Trek series and films. Her role was highly praised by leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King at time while many have women have looked up to Nichols and Uhura as a role model.

Adam West and Burt Ward are best known for their role as Batman and Robin in the original TV show. West is also well known for playing a fictional version of himself on Family Guy while Ward is also known for his role as Barnicle Boy on SpongeBob SquarePants.  Both actors would later reunite with most of the the cast of the original Batman series for the animated film, Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders.

Chase Masterson is well known for her role as Leeta in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Xela in the fan film Star Trek: Of Gods and Men. Her other major roles includes the English voice of Janice Em in Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles.

Sam Jones is a B-Film icon known for his role as titular hero in the 1980 adaptation of Flash Gordon along with a fictional version of himself in Ted. Gigi Edgley is best known for her roles as Chiana in the Farscape franchise.

Jeryl Prescott is best known for her role as Jacqui on The Walking Dead and Cherry on Ray Donovan. Her other roles include Mama Cecile in The Skeleton Key and Janice in The Birth of a Nation. They will be joined by space pioneer Buzz Aldrin, physicist Sabrina Gonzalez Pasterski, and video game designer Richard Garriott. Also present will be the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation for a 30th anniversary celebration hosted by William Shatner.

Gamers will also be delighted to learn that South Bay Button Mashers have organized a video game area for all Silicon Valley Comic Con. The game section will include pinball machines, arcade cabinets, and console games while music will be provide by Super Soul Bros.

Anyone who wants to pre-game will be happy to learn that Silicon Valley Comic Con will be hosting a Drink and Draw party at Illusive Comics & Games on April 20 (the day before the event starts). Anyone who is set on attending Silicon Valley Comic Con 2017 can start planning now as the event schedule is now available.

Silicon Valley Comic Con 2017 will be from April 21 until April 23 at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center along with the surrounding locations. Tickets are now available for purchase.

8Bit/Digi covered Silicon Valley Comic Con 2016 and we will be present at the 2017 event.

8Bit/Digi is an independent media outlet that provides an insight into the gamer community of the San Francisco Bay Area.

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  1. Wow looks like Woz went all out this year. So glad I just bought my ticket for the weekend it’s going to be awesome meeting all those celebrities listening to panels play video games having fun best weekend ever . I just hope there’s gonna be a lot of cool vendors the bike or some shit from .

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