FanimeCon now joins numerous major conventions to announced the cancellation of their 2020 event due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The event will now take place during the Memorial Day Weekend in 2021.

In an announcement made on April 13th, the FanimeCon team broke the heartbreaking news. At the same time it address numerous concerns guests and vendors have when a major event is cancelled. Among the key takeaways are that anyone who has bought a pass will have their purchase deferred to the 2021 event. Vendors and artists have to reach out to the staff regarding their plans for next year.

FanimeCon Chairman, Eric Wu had some words of hope when he stated in the announcement,

“We hope that come May 28-31, 2021, our world will be in a more stable place and that we may once again celebrate with this wonderful community that you have helped us create in and around FanimeCon.”

Eric Wu
FanimeCon Chairman,

While the news was heart breaking for fans, many had been expecting FanimeCon 2020 to be cancelled. The decision is being supported of the community who understood it had to be done.

This comes the same day as Gov. Gavin Newsom announces that he is working with the governors of Washington and Oregon on a plan to re-open the economy.

FanimeCon 2020 is among the many events that have been cancelled because of the pandemic. GDC was one of the first events in the Bay Area to be cancelled. Numerous organizers attempt to setup an alternative event before the “Shelter in Place” was declared. Other events that have been cancelled include Ani-Me Con, DAiCon and Clockwork Alchemy.

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  1. I hope Fanime being cancelled is not an omen that this summer is going to suck. But I’m glad they did it as it was pointless to have it even if the lock down was lifted. I wish everyone the best. Plus we now have more time to work on our cosplay.

  2. I feel bad for the artists many were hoping to recoup the lost revenue at Fanime and it being cancelled might be a breaking point for some.

  3. Fanime having to cancel this year is just for shit piled on top of an already shitty year. But I understand it must be done to flatten the curve. I just hope Crunchyroll Expo dosn’t cancel or I’m going to be pissed!!!

  4. First I loose my job then my uncle almost dies from the Wuhun Plague then Fanime, the one thing I look forward to all year, gets cancelled all thanks to Chinese pigs who want chow down on bats. When this is all over I prey to god the CIA and Mossad team up to annihlate that Winne the Poop looking pig that the chinese call a Presdient!!!

    • Amen brother, China must pay for unleashing this plague upon us. DON’T give me that PC shit they need to be held accountable.

  5. Welp Fanime being cancelled sucks but I’m glad they were thinking about our health. I will skip Anime Expo but I nothing will stop me from going to SacAnime unless they cancel it as well. Then this summer is going to be the worst.

  6. Sorry to hear Fanime has been cancelled so many of my friends love going there each year. I also know a lot of artist and merchants are going to suffer because of this. I wish everyone the best of luck during these hard time.

  7. Good on FanimeCon for cancelling, it was the right thing to do given everything that has been happening. Now its on Anime Expo to do the same. We are better off not going this year then getting sick and dying. Other conventions should do the same for 2020.

  8. I’m glad FainmeCon decided to cancel this year but I’m concerned about its future. How much money was lost because of the cancellation and will it be able to even sustain itself after 2021? This pandemic has been detramental to the conventions and I fear many may not return or survive after 2021!

  9. It make sense for Fanime to cancel since most people won’t be able to travel during this pandemic. I wish everyone the best and hope to see you all next year.

  10. NO NO NO NO NO! With Fanime cancelled what will happen to all the anime? Will they be let free to roam downtown let into the wild or will they be sent back to Japan? Would someone please think of the poor anime during this dark time! ūüôĀ

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