A staple of anime conventions in the Bay Area, the Cosplay Wrestling Federation was back at FanimeCon once again with their presentation of Fanimania VI.

Alongside the Masquerade, Bad Hentai and the rave – Fanimaia has been one of the most popular events during the weekend. This year was no exception as the line outside had become a party of its own with legions of fans cheering the stars as they awaited to be let into the show.

The Challengers

A good number of characters were once again attempting to take the championship away from Franziska Von Karma. With so many competing for the championship, here are some of the most notable moments from Fanimania VI:

The Symbol of Peace himself, All Might took to the stage to present his case for the championship. Reminding the audience that everything will be ok (because he is here) while denouncing everything Von Karma has been doing.

Coming all the way from Flavor Town, Guy Fieri took the stage to present his case. He even pulled out the big guns with the Flavor Gauntlet, which has the ability to take half the worlds population to Flavor Town. #GuyFieriDidNothingWrong

Reality and Coach Connor took the stage together as Real Wrestling. Instead of making a case for the championship, they instead berated the audience for not accepting reality while demonstrating what “real wrestling” is.

Everyone’s favorite anime mom, Inko Midoriya took to the stage to present her case for the championship. Her time was less about why she is worthy of the championship and more about how she was proud of everyones cosplay while discussing the importance of being well rested.

A long time favorite of CWF, Mario took the stage and mocked the fact that another lawyer holds the championship. He then transforms the arena into Mario Court and puts he put the Von Karma on trial for failing to show up at Anime LA. Finally he promotes the upcoming event at SacAnime Summer 2019.

Fresh from his victory at DAiCon was film maker and the subject of the acclaimed film The Disaster ArtistTommy Wiseau. Once again he danced onto the stage while being greeting by a thunders applause from the audience. He made his case for the championship while also killing a rumor about him having hit Chun-Li during Kraken Con.

With an ace up his sleeve, Skeletor finally took the stage and automatically advanced to Round 2. Before walking away, he mocked Von Karma for failing to appear at Anime LA.

Return of Heather Mason

One of the most feared villains of the CWF, Heather Mason once again took over the stage while striking terror into the souls of anyone on stage. With no one to stop her, she presented her case for why she deserved the championship belt and why she attacked Dick Gumshoe last year.

Thankfully her reign of terror came to an end when Dick Gumshoe stormed the stage to deliver some quick justice. After a short battle, he successfully subdued Mason and arrested her.

Tag Team Championship

In a hero vs. villain event, Lupin the Third and Jigen went up against the Mumin Rider and Great Saiyaman for the Tag Team Championship. The original plan was for Lupin and Jigen to steal the belts but they were forced to earn it once the heroes took the stage. Each duo presented their case for why they are worthy of the Tag Team Championship.

Even though both teams presented a strong case and had awesome moves to show, their could only be one champion. In the end it was Lupin the Third and Jigen that walked away as the champions.

The Champion

Accompanied by her father, Franziska Von Karma took the stage to confront those who made it to Round 2. Each challenger presented a case for why they were worthy of the championship while denouncing Von Karma. Things however escalated quickly when Von Karma attacked Inko (angering everyone in the room).

It was a tough competition and many great characters were successful in pledging their case but in the end there could only be one champion.  In the end, it was Skeletor who walked away with the championship belt. The next Cosplay Wrestling Federation show will be at SacAnime Summer 2019.

Did you get a chance to check out Fanimania VI or other events at FanimeCon 2019? If so then share your story in the comment section below.

Disclaimer: FanimeCon provided me with a pass for the weekend.


  1. Question – will Bat-Deku make a premier at the next Fanimania? Would be awesome if someone did that!

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