FanimeCon has unveiled the schedule and location for all official cosplay gatherings for their 2018 event. The list includes time, media franchise and location that can be found on the official map.


1pm Phoenix Wright @ G3
1:30pm Gravity Falls @ G7
2pm Stein’s Gate @ G6 and Hakuoki @ G8
2:30pm Bendy and the Ink Machine @ G7
3pm Xeno Games @ G4 and Yuri on Ice @ G6
4pm Steven Universe @ G6 and Fate/Stay Night Grand Order @ G7
5pm Dream Daddy @G2, Free! Iwatobi Swim Club @ G4, Disney @ G6 and Stardew Valley @ G8
5:30pm Osomatsu-san @G5
6pm Old School Cosplay @ G3
7:30pm Yu Gi Oh! @ G3


10am Love Live @ G6, Marvel @ G7, and Dark Souls @ G8
11am Clamp @G4, Tokusatsu @ G5, Boku no Hero Academia @ G6, Naruto @ G7, Touhou Project @ G8, and DC Comics @ G9
Noon Overwatch @ G6, Dragon Age @ G3, Show by Rock @ G5, Pokemon @ G7
1pm Mass Effect @ G2, Kemono Friends @ G4, Dramatical Murder @ G5, Super Smash Bros @ G7, and Homestuck @ G9
2pm Tokyo Ghoul @ G2, Monster Hunter @ G3, Halo @ G4, Vocaloid @ G6, Nintendo @ G7
and Fate Series @ G8
3pm Borderlands @ G3, Voltron @ G5, All Fighting games @ G6, and League of Legends @ G9
3:30pm Kingdom Hearts @ G7
4PM Persona @ G6
5pm Fallout @ G6 and Tales of Series @ G7
6pm Undertale @ G6


10am Disney Extended Universe @ G6 and Final Fantasy @ G7
11am Black Butler @ G4 and Valve @ G6
Noon Bungou Stray Dogs @ G4, Hetalia @ G5, Hunter X Hunter @ G6, Full Metal Alchemist @ G7, and Haikyuu!! @ G9
1pm Sailor Moon @ G3, Star Vs The Forces of the Evil @ G4, Avatar: The Last Airbender/ LoK @ G5, The iDOLM@STER @ G6, Pro Wrestling @ G7, Houseki No Kuni @ G8, and Critical Role @ G9
2pm Touken Ranbu @ G4, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure @ G6, Dangan Ronpa @ G7, Gintama @ G8, and Jfashion @ G9
3pm Legend of Zelda @ G4, Star Wars @ G6, One Piece @ G7, and The Adventure Zone @ G8
4pm Shonen Jump! @ G5, and Works of Monty Oum (RWBY) @ G6
5pm All Sports Shows @ G5, Fire Emblem @ G6, and Harry Potter @ G9

Note:This list only takes into account official cosplay gatherings organized by the FanimeCon staff.  

FanimeCon 2018 will be from May 25 until May 28 at the San Jose Convention Center along with the surrounding locations. Tickets are now available for purchase and 8Bit/Digi will be there for the weekend.

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