Hyperstrange has announced a launch date for the Episode 2 content of Ghostware: Arena of the Dead.

Episode 2 of Ghostware: Arena of the Dead will become available starting on October 26th. The update will feature 12 new levels, allow access to new areas, and introduce new abilities. At the same time, new characters and story content will be introduced. 

Additional information about the game will also become available in the future.

Ghostware: Arena of the Dead is a cyberpunk shooter set in a dead game that was once popular in the 90s. Players take on the role of Molly who has awakened in the game with no memory of her past while the only source of guidance is the mysterious Wizard.

It is currently in Early Access but you can check out our preview to have an idea of the overall game. According to the game’s Steam page, fans could expect Ghostware: Arena of the Dead to launch sometime in late 2023 or Early 2024.

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