Io-Interactive has revealed the details about Hitman: The Complete First Season, a collection of all seven episodes of Hitman plus bonus content on a disc that is set to be released on January 31st, 2017.

The Day One Edition of the game will come in a SteelBook case and will feature all seven episodes that will have +100 hours of gameplay. Also included in the package will be bonus content that will also be available for anyone who purchased the game via digital download.

The bonus disc includes the following content:

  • The bonus missions pack includes “The Icon” and “A House Built on Sand” along with “Landslide”.
  • The official soundtrack.
  • The making of Hitman documentary.
  • Hitman Blood Money Pack- which includes the signature Blood Money white suit and chrome ICA pistol.
  • The PlayStation 4 version will include the exclusive The Sarajevo Six contracts

Hitman: The Complete First Season will feature all challenges, opportunities, escalation contracts created by the studio and community. Player will also have access to all upcoming elusive targets after January 31st.

Hitman is a stealth action game that has players take on the role of Mr. 47, an assassin whose reputation has made him a legend in the criminal world. The game gives players the task of assassinating a target using what ever methods they wish while stealth and strategy are highly encouraged.


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