Would you enjoy a 2D rogue game with Souls style combat? If so then Motion Twin has a treat for you as Dead Cells is coming to Steam Early Access next month.

Inspired by classics like Castlevania, this game has players explore a massive island while battling hordes of monsters and demons. Dead Cells features a Souls combat system and a rogue style gameplay as the world around the player is always evolving while death will cause a major setback.

In a press release, Motion Twin’s lead designer Sébastien Benard has stated,

“We’re taking two genres we all love, adding our little twist and aiming for the best rogue-lite/metroidvania you’ve ever played. So far the feedback has been really positive, so we’re really really excited to see people playing!”

Dead Cells will be available in Steam Early Access on May 10th while gamers could check out the trailer now. I will have more details available as the development progresses.

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