By Stan Rezaee

Following the successful test of dismemberment in Day of Infamy, New World Interactive has announced that the latest update has made it a permanent feature of the gameplay experience.

It was announced in early October that dismemberment was in the testing stages and was only available to gamers playing as the American forces. The feature has now become part of the overall gameplay while other new content has been added.

Among the new content is the Salerno map, New World Interactive tribute to Avalanche from Day of Defeat. New weapons have been added such as the Browning Hi-Power and Sten Mk V for the British Army along with replacing the Thompson M1928 A1 with the Thompson M1A1 for the US Army faction.

Other major changes include fixing several bugs while balance changes to a few weapons. Fans of the game could check it out on the official blog.

Day of Infamy is an online World War II shooter that is set during the European Theater of the war. Players play as either American, British or Nazi forces to either liberate the map or hold it against the opposing forces.

The game is currently available in Early Access but we did get a chance to try it back in August. A review will be available when Day of Infamy is no longer in Early Access.

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