Capcom is going to face a series of challenges that will be exclusive to the Resident Evil 4 remake. 8Bit/Digi

Remaking a Modern Classic has its Fair Share of Obstacles

At first glance, Capcom remaking this beloved classic should be an easy task. After all, this is the game that it set the foundation for other entries to follow. It’s only after thinking it over that one will realize that the Resident Evil 4 remake will present a series of challenges. These are not simple obstacles nor are they the ones that other remakes have faced. 

Capcom has perfected a winning formula when it comes to remaking its classic titles. The Resident Evil 4 remake should be no different but it needs to overcome several challenges that are exclusive to it. This is a look at the challenges Capcom is going to face when it comes to remaking Resident Evil 4

5. Escaping the Shadow of Resident Evil: Village 

Resident Evil: Village was only released in 2021 and it was highly praised by fans along with critics. One of the key elements that were praised was the return of some classic gameplay features along with how similar the overall experience was to Resident Evil 4. Thus, the remake is now gonna have to escape from the success of Village if it wants to stand out. On it’s own, Resident Evil 4 should stand out as its a timeless classic. However, one can not deny how much Village was similar. That means it will be an uphill battle as Capcom needs to find a balance between keeping what makes the fourth game a classic while doing everything possible to avoid being referred to as a “Village clone”. 

Resident Evil 4 for the PS4

4. Overcoming the Re-Release Trend 

Like SkyrimGrand Theft Auto V, and the original DoomResident Evil 4 has garnered a reputation for having been re-released on numerous consoles. It has been re-released so many times that it has become a meme. The game was first released for the Nintendo Game Cube in early 2005. It was followed by the PlayStation 2 releases later in the same year. It has since been re-released on almost every major console along with multiple PC launches. Resident Evil 4 also saw a VR version launch in 2021. 

Even though it’s a game that is 17 years old as of 2022, its fandom has not been limited to old-school gamers. Also, there is a good chance most fans have more than two copies of Resident Evil 4 (I myself have a copy for five different systems). While numerous re-releases have shown why this game is a classic, it also might feel a little too early for a remake. Especially since other entries like Outbreak and Code Veronica have not seen such enthusiasm from Capcom. 

Resident Evil 2 remake 8Bit/Digi

3. Connections to the New Lore

When a series has been around for as long as Resident Evil, there are going to be plot holes when the lore grows. Capcom was able to resolve this with the Resident Evil 2 and remakes, establishing a more connected plot line that is free of plot holes. The same challenge is going to be presented with the Resident Evil 4 remake as the story needs to be altered to fit properly in the series’ overall lore. That means Capcom will need to either remove unnecessary plot elements or add in new ones so that the game is properly tied with the corrected story. 

2. Redefining the Tone

Back in the day, a divisive element among fans of the series was the game’s overall tone. While past titles had a horror atmosphere with a serious tone, Resident Evil 4 had a more campy tone. It’s still a horror game but it’s absolutely not scary or terrifying. Over time many came to appreciate the camp and cheesiness of the game. 

The remake seems to want to take it back to its horror roots and this might present a problem. The cheese has become part of what makes Resident Evil 4 a classic. Also not helping is how the game’s story has been set up to be so ridiculous. Because no matter how hard Capcom tries, it’s going to be an uphill battle to make a serious story about saving the President’s daughter from a zombie cult. 

Capcom is going to face a series of challenges that will be exclusive to the Resident Evil 4 remake. 8Bit/Digi

1. Pressure From the Fandom

The original Resident Evil 4 has been hailed as a classic for redefining the series and the horror survival genre. Fans often rank it or Resident Evil 2 as the best entry in the series or one of the best games for the PlayStation 2. While Capcom was under a lot of pressure regarding the Resident Evil 2 remake, the stakes are high but for different reasons. 

Given everything presented, Capcom is going to need a balance between keeping the hallmarks of the original while also correcting many of its flaws. Everyone could agree that Ashley Graham needs to be a better character instead of the poster child for why escort missions suck. The game’s tone is definitely going to be more divisive between those who prefer something more serious and those who prefer cheese. Let’s not forget about the iconic side stories and mini-games, will they return or not?  

Overall; Capcom’s remake of Resident Evil 4 is gonna present a series of challenges on par with those faced regarding the Resident Evil 2 remake. As history has shown, the remakes have always been instant hits among the fans and nobody should expect this one to be any different. 

Do you think Capcom’s biggest challenges are regarding the Resident Evil 4 remake? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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