California Extreme announces that a live event might happen in 2021 with more information coming in the future. 8Bit/Digi

California has fully reopened while several conventions have confirmed that they will host a live event. Some are opting to play it safe and continue to host an all-digital event or wait till 2022. Then there are the few that are still looking at their options before making a decision.

One such convention that is looking at their options is California Extreme.

California Extreme has updated its community regarding the status of their 2021 convention. Currently the plan is to host a live event sometime during the late Summer season. However, they are still looking at their options and examining the safety guidelines. It’s expected that they will making an announcement sometime in the next few weeks.

The announcement was made on their website with the following statement:

“It’s beginning to appear we will be able to hold CAX this year, however, it will not be July, but later in the summer (hopefully we can officially announce very soon). By pushing it back, it allows all the rules and regulations to sort out and become more clear.

Of course, since the pandemic is not completely over, there may be some restrictions we will need to impose due the size of our event. Also, things can change quickly, so checking often is recommended. We should know more soon!”

California Extreme

It was only three months ago that a good number of conventions and expos cancelled or postponed their live event due to the ongoing pandemic. FanimeCon and E3 cancelled their live event and went all digital. San Diego Comic Con pushed their live event to a later date in 2021. SiliCon with Adam Savage and SacAnime Summer 2021 are set to be a live event (but that could change should there be a spike in cases).

As of June 21st, 59.7% of the California’s population has received their first dose of the vaccine while states has lifted most economic restrictions.

California Extreme is one of the largest showcases of classic arcade and pinball games in North America. The event brings together industry pioneers along with collectors of retro games and video game historians for one weekend. To get a good idea of what to expect during the weekend, check my coverage of California Extreme 2017.

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