Ziggurat Interactive has announced that they are bringing Boiling Point: Road to Hell back to the PC on November 14th. 

Boiling Point: Road to Hell was one of the earliest open world first-person shooters and was released back in 2005. Players take on the role of Saul Myers, a veteran of the French Foreign Legion, who comes to the South American nation of Realia to look for his missing daughter. He is soon embroiled in a conflict between the government and several different factions. 

To have an idea about the game, check out the announcement trailer: 

While the game had mixed reactions at the time of launch, it would go on to develop a cult following. It would be years later when it would be appreciated for some of its unique features and pioneering concepts. These elements would later be used in classics like Fallout New Vegas and Far Cry 2

The game will be available starting on November 14th and can be purchased on Steam and GOG. At the moment there is no word regarding the return of its sequel or an HD remaster. 

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