Normally, we would have kicked off the new year with our list of Bay Area fan conventions to check out in 2021. These are not normal times and we are currently in the midst of the third wave of the pandemic.

With an uncertain future, many events have been pushed back to either 2022 or 2023 (just to be safe). Thanks to the new vaccines, some event organizers are hoping for the best. There are some planning for a mid-2021 event. However these are not guaranteed and could also be pushed back to 2022.

Confirmed Events So Far

Here is a list of all the Bay Area fan conventions that are hoping to host an event in 2021. Be aware that they may cancel due to concerns of public safety or lock downs if there is a new surge.

Ani-Me Con (March 20th to the 21st) – This is one of the largest anime, video game and fantasy fan conventions in the Central Valley. This event brings together fans along with local vendors, artists and special guests for a weekend of fun.

Powerhouse Comic Con (May 15th) – Hosted by Colossus Girl Entertainment LLC, this is a one day pop-culture convention. The event brings together artists, industry icons, major cosplayers and celebrities for a day of fun.

FanimeCon (May 28th to the 31st) – One of the largest anime conventions in North America, FanimeCon is a must go for fans in the Bay Area. During the day it’s all about meeting special guests, checking out local vendors along with a series of special events. After dark its a non-stop party with mature panels, non-stop gaming and raves. It’s basically Burning Man for nerds.

Sinister Creature Con (June 19th to the 20th) – A convention that celebrates the horror culture. This special event brings together fans along with artists, writers and industry insiders to highlights the works of today along with those from the past

Crunchyroll Expo (August 6th to the 8th) – Organized and hosted by the largest digital distributor of anime. This weekend event brings together the fandom community and the anime industry. Guest are given an insight into the industry while major brands try to better reach out to their audience.

SacAnime Summer (Labor Day Weekend) – This will be a gathering of some of the most iconic performers in gaming, anime and other works of pop-culture. SacAnime Summer will be a three day event at CalExpo that lets fans end their summer vacation with a major bang.

Sac Gamers Expo (December 18th to the 19th) – One of the last fan conventions of the year, this two day event is a must for gamers. The event brings together gamers along with Twitch streams, retro game vendors and industry legends.

GobbleCon (Thanksgiving Weekend) – After enjoying a nice meal with the family, those who want to get away from the Black Friday shopping could spend the weekend at GobbleCon. This tabletop fan convention invites guest to enjoy a game of Dungeons & Dragons, Warhammer or other popular games. There are 100’s of games to play or one could checkout the vendors hall.

Note: This guide only takes fan convention into account, hence industry conventions like the Game Developers Conference or eSport tournaments like Genesis will not be listed here. Also this is an incomplete list as other events will be announced later in 2021.

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