Due to concerns regarding public safety, BayCon 2020 has been cancelled and the event has been deferred to 2021.

BayCon 2020 was suppose to take place in May but, like every other event, it was delayed due to the pandemic. The event was suppose to take place in November. During that time, they hosted a few digital events. However with a spike of cases and concerns about peoples safety, BayCon 2020 was cancelled and deferred to 2021.

The announcement was made in the following post:

BayCon 2021 will now take place at the San Mateo Marriott on May 28 to May 31, 2021. It has been confirmed that Galen Dara and Jean Batt will be among the Guests of Honor. It has also been announced that Dan Toole will be the Tostmaster.

Anyone who purchased a pass will have it rolled over to the 2021 event. Guest who reserved a hotel room for the November event will have it automatically canceled. They may rebook their room once the reservation blocks open.

With the ongoing pandemic, every fan convention has cancelled their 2020 event. Many have been deferred to 2021. Many have also hosted all digital events to make up for the absence of a physical event. Some are unknown if they will return in 2021.

Bay Con is the longest running science fiction and fantasy fan conventions in the Bay Area. The event brings together writers, artist and enthusiasts for a weekend that explores ones imagination.

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