2018 is here and its time to for Bay Area nerds to start planning for which fan convention they want to attend. From major events like FanimeCon and Silicon Valley Comic Con to minor local cons, this is quick guide to get you ready.

Here are all the major fan conventions in the Bay Area to plan for in 2018:

SacAnime Winter (January 5th – 7th)

The first convention of 2018 will be a gathering of some of the most iconic performers in gaming, anime and other works of pop-culture. SacAnime Winter will be a three day event at the Sacramento Convention Center that lets fans start the new year with a major bang.

East Bay Con (February 11th)

For anyone who wants to have a con experience but prefer something more low key then East Bay Con is the event to checkout. East Bay Con brings local vendors and artists along with icons of pop-culture for one day of fun. It’s perfect for comic fans, gamers and pop-culture enthusiasts.

Clockwork Alchemy (March 23rd – 25th)

This will be Clockwork Alchemy first event going solo following their split from FanimeCon and they plan to leave an impressive mark. The event will take place at Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport in Burlingame and will feature several iconic authors and designers from the Steampunk comunity.


Silicon Valley Comic Con (April 6 – April 8th)

Silicon Valley Comic Con returns for a third year of blending the world of science with pop-culture. Steve Wozniak will once again bring together respected scientists and performers for a weekend of fun and insight.

FanimeCon (May 25 – May 28th)

One of the largest anime conventions in North America, FanimeCon is a must go for fans in the Bay Area. During the day its all about meeting special guests, checking out local vendors along with a series of special events. After dark its a non-stop party with mature panels, non-stop gaming and raves. It’s basically Burning Man for nerds.

San Francisco Comic Con (June 8th -10th)

San Francisco Comic Con returns for a third year only this time will be hosted at the Oakland Convention Center. Fans will get to check out local vendors and meet their favorite stars or listen in on insightful panels.


Hydra Comic Con (Summer)

Hydra Comic Con was a comic convention from Sea Monster Media, the same organization that operates Kraken Con. This event invites fans fans for two days of fun and gives them the chance to meet major artists and performers.

California Extreme (July)

California Extreme is an annual showcase of classic along with modern arcade games and pinball machines. Gamers are invited to play these iconic machines or meet the pioneers who paved the way for modern gaming.

Crunchyroll Expo (Summer)

An anime convention organized by the streaming service that bring industry leaders, iconic performers and respected legends. This three day event gives fans an insight into the industry wile major brands try to better reach out to their audience. Overall thie is Northern California’s version of Anime Expo only more accessible for the fans.


Worldcon 76 (August 16th – 20th)

Hosted by the World Science Fiction Society, Worldcon is one of the largest science fiction conventions in the world. The event is notable for honoring science fiction writers with the prestigious Hugo Award. The 2018 event will take place in San Jose while the guests of honor will include Chelsea Quinn Yarbro and Spider Robinson.

SacAnime Summer (Late Summer)

This will be a gathering of some of the most iconic performers in gaming, anime and other works of pop-culture. SacAnime Summer will be a three day event at the Sacramento Convention Center that lets fans end their summer vacation with a major bang.

Pacificon Game Expo (August 31 – September 3rd)

Pacificon Game Expo is one of the largest hobby gaming convention in Northern California. Learn about the trends in table top gaming and unique gameplay strategies from respected experts. Or one could meet new friends and organize a game.

Kraken Con (September 28-30th)

One of the largest anime and video game conventions in the East Bay that takes fans on an unforgettable weekend. Guests have the chance to meet respected figures in the industry along with local artists. One could check out the many vendors, go on a gaming binge or attend the many panels.


Campbell Con (October)

Campbell Con is a local fan convention that brings local vendors, fan clubs and artists together with icons of pop-culture for a day of fun. This has always been one of the best ways to kick-off the Halloween weekend.

Anime Destiny (November)

This is the anime convention hosted by Cal Animage Alpha, the anime club of the University of California Berkeley. The event brings together local artists, vendors, speakers and fans for one day of fun at the Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union building.

Heroes & Villains Fan Fest and Walker Stalker Con (December 1st – 2nd)

Heroes & Villains Fan Fest has always been a unique comic con as the panels have been more open to fans while being very focused on the DC and Marvel universe. Walker Stalker Con is a Walking Dead fan convention. Both events are hosted by Fan Fest and will be coming to San Jose for the December 1st weekend.

What Con do you plan on attending or was there one we missed? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Note: This guide only takes fan convention into account, hence industry conventions like the Game Developers Conference will not be listed here. Also this is an incomplete list as other events will be announced later in 2018.

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  1. Who cares about a half ass fake cons like Campbell Con or Anime Destiny? They are just 1 day events at some high school and the special guest is some out of work power ranger and not the cool ones.

  2. I think this year I’m going to sit this year down, I’m a 30+ cons, fairs and festivals veteran, but it starting to seem repetitive, the same booths at the artists alley and vendors areas, the same events, I’ll still go to concerts 🙂 but this year is going to be materials over experiences…just two full conventions equals a new and cool HDTV… a one day convention equals a tablet!!!

  3. You guys left out Kubla Con @ the Burlingame Hyatt Memorial Day weekend. It is THE largest west coast convention dedicated to tabletop gaming of all kinds. We’re gonna be in three hotels this year: The Hyatt, the Crown Plaza and the Holiday Inn. We’re also going to be hosting the X-Wing System Open (Mandalore), Star Wars Destiny Galactic Qualifier and Legend of the Five Rings Regional Kotei, plus hundreds of other great games and events! Come by and check us out!

  4. Just got back from Clockwork Alchemy as an author guest. Loads of writing panels. I didn’t see most of the con since there was so much going on.
    I missed the teapot racing and am bummed. It looked so cute in the video.
    The evening performances were awesome. I stayed up WAY too late dancing to Lee Presson and the Nails.

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