The final season of Attack on Titan is one of the most talked about shows of the year and now it has more episodes with a rating of 9.9 or above on IMDb. An impressive achievement that has not been made by acclaimed shows like The Wire and Game of Thrones.

First noted by Reddit user u/despacito11, Attack on Titan has more episodes with a user rating of 9.9 or above on IMDb. Currently, the series has seven episodes with such a user rating. The user also compare it to how much Breaking Bad has (they however mistakenly said it was four). It should be noted that Breaking Bad is ranked #3 while Attack on Titan is ranked #51 on IMDb list of the Top 250 TV shows.

The Breakdown

Following the premier of “Assault” (S4, Ep 7), Attack on Titan has seven episodes with a user rating of 9.9 or above on IMDb. Here is a quick breakdown of all the episodes with the high user rating.

Episode User Rating
Perfect Game (S3, Ep. 16)9.9
Hero (S3, Ep. 17)10.0
Midnight Sun (S3, Ep. 18)9.9
That Day (S3, Ep. 20)9.9
Declaration of War (S4, Ep. 5)9.9
The War Hammer Titan (S4, Ep. 6)9.9
Assault (S4, Ep 7)10.0

Now this is a breakdown of the top 10 rated shows by IMDb based on its user rating. This list includes the series overall score along with how many episodes have a rating of 9.9 or above.

ShowOverall ScoreNumber of Ep.
Rated 9.9 or Above
1. Planet Earth II9.50
2. Planet Earth9.40
3. Band of Brothers9.40
4. Breaking Bad9.43
5. Chernobyl9.41
6. Blue Planet II9.30
7. The Wire9.30
8. Our Planet9.30
9. Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey9.20
10. Cosmos 9.20

These are the most highly rated shows by users and all of them have been highly praised by critics. Yet it was a surprise to see how very few had an episode rated at 9.9 or above. On average, most of these episodes were rated between the range of 8.5 to 9.4 with a few having an episode with a low rating near 7.5. I was even more surprised that The Wire (one of the greatest shows) had no episodes with a user rating of 9.9 or above.

I also looked at other highly rated series that are not in the top 10. Avatar: The Last Airbender while ranked at #12 only had one episode rated with a 9.9 user score. Rick and Morty while ranked at #13 has no episodes rated at or above 9.9, with the highest rated episode being “The Ricklantis Mixup” at 9.8. Another surprise is that True Detectives, Sherlock and Batman: The Animated Series also didn’t have an episode with a rating of 9.9 or above.

Attack on Titan Season 3 Pt. 2 Erwin charge 8Bit/Digi

A Grim Reminder

This doesn’t mean that Attack on Titan is a better show than The Wire and it may not be accurate. There are 250 shows on the list and many will have 100’s of episodes. There could also be shows with more episodes that have with a rating of 9.9 or above. It’s just a testament to the quality of the series and how much it has evolved compared to Season 1.

Attack on Titan follows Eren Yeage and the Scout Regiment as they fight for survival of humanity against the Titans. By the end of Season 3, the truth of the world beyond the wall is uncovered while The Final Season follows the war against Marlay. The manga was first published in 2009 while the anime premiered in 2013, both have been highly acclaimed.

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  1. This is why Attack on Titan is MUCH better than Game of Thrones. They are not making this up on the go, there’s been foreshadowing and little Easter Eggs the whole way through. Having a plan and executing it will always be better than writing a show season to season.

  2. The only reason Attack on Titan is getting high scores on IMDb is because the alt-right has a campgin to game the system so that the show appears better than it is. Nazis and MAGA Trump supporters love Attack on Titan and will do anything to make it look good.

  3. This just proves the internet is populated by closeted fascists who will act nice in public but will stab you in the back the first chance they get.

  4. User ratings can’t be trusted since anyone can do it and some studios use bots to jack up the ranking so they could look good. However I have been loving this season of Attack on Titan so maybe IMDB got it right this time.

  5. Why is Attack on Titan being compared to Breaking Bad? They are not even the same genre or style! It makes sense if compared to One Punch or Darling but this is dumb. Redditors and IMDb users are dumb.

  6. Glad the series get the records and credit it deserves. With the rest of the season to come, and knowing what takes place, I wonder if (and I’m confident) it will get at least a few more on that treasured totem.

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