Hey Stan,

I’ve been playing video games for a few years and recently I decided to start streaming on Twitch. At first I was streaming games I like but hardly anybody would be watching. Then I started streaming games that are more popular or are trending on Twitch. My viewership slightly improved but some of the more popular games are ones I’ve lost interest in (like Counter-Strike: Global Offense). Should I stream games that I actually enjoy or what is popular?

– Robert F.

My Advice

Ask Stan: Two important things to note. The first is that you are just starting so you need to find your style and build yourself. The second is that play what you like. It’s obvious when someone has no interest in the game and they are just playing it for the views (there stream is boring and they lack interest). Just play what you like and promote yourself among other fans of your favorite game. The most important thing to remember about streaming is just have fun.

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