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Hey Stan,

I’m excited for the new consoles but I don’t know which one I want to get. My question is not just about “Xbox vs. PlayStation” but also if I should get the standard version or the all digital version. My friends are unsure which one they want and I would like to get the console that most of them have so we could play together. The reason I’m on the fence regarding which version is the all digital version is more affordable but I still have several games on disc and I don’t trust digital stores too much.

Rob J.

Ask Stan: Thanks for reaching out Rob and you’re not the first person to have any of these questions or concerns about the Next-Gen consoles. In regards to going with either PlayStation or Xbox, I say wait till 2021 before making a choice. You don’t need to get one now and most of the first batch will have defects due to the rush to meet market demand. By the second year they will be available with most of the issues resolved and in a bundle with a few games (especially during the Holiday Season). By that time, you and your friends will have a clear answer to which console will be best for your needs.

What ever console you have now, it still has a few more years to its life span. Make the best of it and don’t worry about getting a new console now.

In regards to a console with an optical disc drive vs. digital download only, go with one that has the optical disc drive. While digital store fronts have made PC games affordable, the same has not happen with console games. In my experience, I have been able to buy a physical version of a console game at a much better price than on a digital store front. Also it’s nice to have a DVD player since a lot of movies are not available on a streaming service.

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