It’s only been a few months since Infinite Warfare was released and already there are rumors regarding the next Call of Duty. The most resent one involves a title set during the Vietnam War.

An anonymous Twitter user has posted details of an alleged new Call of Duty game that is set during the Vietnam War. The user has posted a video revealing details of this new game which will be called People’s Army. Among the details are screen shots of the multiplayer and character customization.

Before fans get excited and start sharing the news, it should be noted that this leak is most likely a hoax. Only one news outlet has reported on the leak while several others have actually questioned its authenticity.

There are two reasons why the team at 8Bit/Digi know this is a hoax. The first is that every year around this time there are rumors of a new Call of Duty set either in Vietnam or going back to World War II. The same kind of rumors emerged back in 2013, 2014, and was especially prominent in early 2015 since Black Ops III was in the works.

The second is that the source is an anonymous user that just dumped the information on Twitter. In truth such sources are not real sources and thus the information can not be verified (aka basic Journalism 101). Had the information been passed on to a journalist the source is familiar with and vice versa then the leak would have had some credibility.

Other media outlets that have reported the story as a hoax have cited gamers who have pointed out to the questionable details. The most notable example are how some of the content is actually from the Vietnam-DLC for Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

Gamers will have to wait till Spring before Activsion makes any kind of an announcement regarding the next Call of Duty game.

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