A new school year is around the corner as students are either starting college or are returning for a new semester. Those who are attending Cal State East Bay will be lucky as they are receiving their education at one of the most Pokemon Go friendly campuses.

California State University, East Bay (also known as Cal State or CSUEB) is a public university in the Bay Area that is located on the hills of Hayward. Besides providing students with an excellent education, it’s also  one of the best locations to play Pokemon Go.

Here are five reasons why CSUEB is the best campus to play Pokemon Go.


5. Reliable WiFi

Nobody wants to waste all their data while trying to hunt for a rare Pokemon, hence it helps if the location has reliable WiFi. CSUEB provides the students with a very reliable WiFi service. Anyone who wants to play Pokemon Go will be happy to know that they could expect good coverage almost anywhere on campus.

However since the campus is located on a hill, there will be a few dead zones. The most notable dead zone is the bottom of Pioneer Stadium (the soccer field) and Parking Lot C. Thankfully the PokeStops are located with in WiFi range.


4. Plenty of PokeStops

An ideal location needs to have a good amount of PokeStops and CSUEB has plenty. The campus has about 20 Pokestops with a good majority of them located between Meiklejohn Hall and the University Library.  Find the right location, activate the Lure Module and one could easily refile on PokeBalls while catching Pokemon without having to move around.

There are also a good number of PokeStops located around the Admissions Office and Physical Education and Gym building. Pioneer Amphitheater also has several PokeStops with in its range.


3. Several On Campus Gyms  

With a plethora of PokeStops comes also a good amount of gyms on campus. Currently there are three PokeGyms at CSUEB and they are spread out across the campus. One could be found at Recreation and Wellness Center, another by the Admissions Office and the third is located at the Music Building.


2. It Has A Diverse Pokemon Population 

There is an abundance of Pokemon at CSUEB and not just those annoying common ones. It’s very common for students to stumble upon uncommon and rare Pokemon’s on the campus. Rare, uncommon and evolved Pokemon’s like Rydon, Golbat and Venomoth could be found on the campus.

As an added bonus, the campus is only 15min away from the bay along with several ecological and wildlife reserves. Hence giving students a quick and easy access to water Pokemon. Also, its very common to find Dratini in the bay.


1. It’s A Midsize Campus 

How could it get even better when there is reliable WiFi, a several gyms, a plethora of PokeStops and a diverse Pokemon population? The answer is they are all located at a midsize campus, hence everything is next to each other.

Walk around the campus is very easy and it helps meet the needed distance to hatch a PokeEgg. Or just relax at the Library plaza and catch Pokemon while refilling your PokeBall at the three PokeStops that are next to each other.

CSUEB is a midsize campus located in the hills of Hayward, making it the perfect and one of the safest locations to play Pokemon Go. The only danger Pokemon trainers face are the stairs (only if they are careless) and the deer herds that run around the campus at night.

Do you think your campus is Pokemon Go friendly or are you a CSUEB student with a story to tell? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.  

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  1. How is that ghetto ass looking relic a “ideal pokemon go campus”? San Jose State has way better Wi-Fi and plenty of pokemon shit on campus. I would check out CSUEB but I don’t want to get mug by some Oakland thug!

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