FanimeCon 2019 is almost here and I’ve prepared myself for one of the best weekends while also planning out everything I want to do. As someone who has attended this event in the past, I know what to plan for and what to expect.

However, for someone who will be attending for the first time, it’s a different feeling. One should plan for it like it’s the Game Developers Conference only with a more festive atmosphere. Be it your first time or X-th time, here are five important tips to know when it comes to planning for the FanimeCon weekend.

5. Take Your Hygiene Seriously

Con stank is that awful smell that is concocted when the body odor of sweaty fans mixes with the chemicals from the costumes then enhanced by the presence of those who have not showered or used deodorant. It’s an unbearable smell that no one will ever get use to (despite encountering it at almost every convention).

Con stank can easily be avoided if one took the time to address their hygienic needs. Try to shower at least once and use deodorant or body spry three times during the day. Even if you don’t plan to stay over night, always have a hygiene bag ready in your car (as cosplayer Aaron Horrocks has suggested).

4. Plan Out Everything

Start planning everything you want to do during FanimeCon. This includes panels to attend, cosplay gathering to meet-up for and special events or concerts to check out. Plus you need to pace yourself given the amount of travel you will be doing since everything will be concentrated around the San Jose Convention Center and the Fairmont Hotel.

It’s also important to start planning out your cosplay list for the weekend and have a backup ready. There are going to be numerous cosplay gatherings (official and unofficial) along with cosplay themed events. Also one needs to take the weather into account as some outfits will be uncomfortable during a hot afternoon.

3. Get a Hotel Room

Time is important during this weekend. Even if you’re from the Bay Area, waiting in traffic or on the train is a total waste of time. It’s also unnecessary to cut the day short just to catch the last CalTrain. Hence, it makes sense to get a hotel room.

Thankfully, many of the hotels in the Downtown area offer a discount for those attending FanimeCon (at a rate of $100 to $150 a night). Just don’t get too fancy since this room is only going to be used to sleep over night and storage for your stuff.

2. Get Some Sleep

FanimeCon is a magical weekend where the fun never stops, but that’s not an excuse to deprive yourself of sleep. For those who come for the raves or the all night gaming, sleep deprivation is an issue (especially since there is so much to do during the day).

I’m also guilty of this as I tend to call it a night around 2am only to be awake by 7am while having a short nap in the middle of the day. However, do not follow my example as I’m there professionally. You are there to have fun and being sleep deprived is not fun. Plan accordingly and manage your time so that you could have a good time while fully rested.

1. Set a Budget

Going to a convention is always going to cost money but to experience the full FanimeCon is going to be expensive. Besides the hotel, you will need to factor in the cost provisions (like food, coffee and water) along with unofficial events and activities. Plus; you are definitely going to buy something at either the Swap Met, Dealers Hall or Artist Ally.

This is why you should always set a budget for the weekend and financially plan out everything. Set a food budget, bar budget and a shopping budget followed by actually sticking to that budget.

Most important of all, avoid any stupid impulse buying. Walking through the Dealers Hall or Artist Ally makes you feel like a kid in a candy store but your a grown adult who has responsibility (and that awesome rare figure is not worth going bankrupt). Also don’t use the “I wanted a souvenir” excuse for over spending because pictures are the best ways to remember a FanimeCon weekend.

Bonus: Bring Business Cards (Professionals Only)

This one is a no brainier but so many people neglect to do so. If you are a photographer, vendor, professional cosplayer, with the media or there in a professional capacity then remember to bring business cards. It may be the digital age but most people are not gonna connect with a rando on Facebook.

A business card says a lot about a person plus it helps weed out those who actually want to connect.

Have you been to FanimeCon and have your own advice to give? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. I’ve been going to FanimeCon for 10 years met my wife, proposed to her and had our honeymoon during FanimeCon. I can attest that this guide is 100% accurate for anyone going for the first time.

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