Let’s be honest, we are all gonna go to a fan convention or cosplay gathering when the shelter-in-place is lifted. Yet we also need to play it safe until a vaccine is made or we all develop heard immunity. That is why I have made another list of cosplay suggestions for a post COVID-19 convention scene.

From lovable anime characters to battle harden video game villains, the options are endless. This is a look at five more cosplays that will appeal to anyone. If there is one we missed, check out my last list.

5. Rick and Morty

This is one that could either be very easy or difficult, depending how creative you want to get. Given the infinite number of alternative dimensions along with crossovers in Rick and Morty, the choices are limitless. One could create something from the show or something original.

For those who like to keep it simple, one could cosplay as a Rick or Morty with some random job (from “Tales from the Citadel”). One could also go all out and make an original Rick and Morty cosplay based on a preferred theme. Or get creative and do a crossover such as a Vault Deweller Rick or Morty from Death Stranding.

Just remember to practice social distancing when doing a Rick and Morty cosplay.

4. Bane (Dark Knight Rises version)

This iconic villain has appeared in numerous stories along with several animated and live action adaptations. Yet, no depiction of Bane is more well known than the one portrayed by Tom Hardy in The Dark Knight Rises. There are several versions of this simple cosplay and all one needs is the mask. Overall, this would be a perfect cosplay for a DC fan at a post COVID-19 event.

3. Deadpool

Being one of the most popular anti-heroes, it should come as no surprise that there is no wrong way to make the ideal Deadpool cosplay. Since he already wears a mask, there are no limits to how one could cosplay as the Merc with a Mouth. All one needs is just the mask and what ever else they want to add-on. While many would prefer to do the classic outfit, there is nothing wrong with being creative.

Code Vein 8Bit/Digi Insight for Bay Area Gamers

2. Revelance

First appearing in Code Vein (the Dark Souls of anime games), the Revelance have stood out among gamers for their colorful style and unique masks. Given the many customization that are available, this makes it the perfect cosplay project. Especially if you want to be safe but also stylish.

This cosplay project allows you to have many choices, be it you want to be your own or one of the side characters (like Mia or Louis). The mask could either be bought online then decorated or one could craft it from scratch. The outfits are a lot of time a mix between steampunk or something more modern. With so many choices,

1. The Mandalorian

While the Disney+ series has brought a lot more attention to this group, the Mandalorian has a rich history in the Star War lore. This is one of those projects that will appeal to any cosplayer that likes a challenge and needs an excuse to unleash their imagination. There is a template to follow but everything else (from color scheme to armor design) could be decided by the individual.

If you need help creating your own cosplay, reach out to your local Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club. They are a Star Wars cosplay non-profit organization that help enthusiasts design their own original cosplay while working to raise money for local charities.

For those living in the Bay Area, the local chapter is called Wolves of Mandalore.

What do you think of our suggestions? Is their cosplay you think is perfect for a post COVID-19 convention scene? Share your thoughts in the comment section bellow. I also recommend checking out Carbon Costume as a starting point when making your cosplay. Most of the military gear and uniforms can be purchased at Mountain View Surplus (help support local business).

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  1. Or a better idea woud be not to to go to a comic con or cosplay gathering until after they made a COVID 19 vaccine!

  2. I like the idea but as a women who cosplays I don’t like the idea of everyone wearing a mask at a convention since it gives some a free pass to creep. I’ve the target of minor hrassment in the past but I know so many who have been groped in the past and a lot of times its some perv in a mask. I’ll just wait until a vaccine is ready.

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