Weekend Replay is a column were we play an old school game over the weekend and share our nostalgic thoughts about it.

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine posted a promo for Oni on his Facebook page and it reminded me of this lost classic. Oni is a cyberpunk punk action game that was released for the PS2, PC and Mac back in 2001 (this look back is based on the PS2 version).

Oni was a cyberpunk game that was obviously inspired by Ghost in the Shell and released at a time when the genre was popular. Players take on the role of Konoko (a super cop) as she works to bring down the Syndicate (a criminal organization) only to stubble upon a sinister conspiracy and the truth about her past.

Weekend Replay looks back at the game itself along with the culture of the time and what was happening in gaming. This will explain why it has been forgotten by many and why it deserves another chance.

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