Gaming Company and Pixelated Milk have released the first trailer for their upcoming title, WARSAW.

WARSAW Reveal Trailer focuses on the struggle of two lovers and resistance fighters during the Warsaw Uprising in 1944 (with “Varsovie” by Brodka being played in the background). The short trailer highlights the games visual design along with the real struggle players will face during one of the most vicious battles of World War II.

While not revealed in the trailer, the gameplay will feature a turn based tactical combat setup with RPG elements (basically a JRPG). More information about the game will be made available in coming months.

WARSAW is set to be released sometime in 2019 for the all major consoles and the PC. The story will follow a group of Polish resistance fighters during the Warsaw Uprising.


  1. A game about killing Nazi’s, so buying it. Im gonna get this game for my self and 20 of my friends just to stick it to all those Alt-Righters who are gonna be offended by this.

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